Because you’re savvy, we’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of the term “pre-owned” before. We call it OpenBox. It’s used in more than just the technology space – we have pre-owned cars, houses, furniture and the list goes on. Even when you buy a phone from friends and family, you are still buying a pre-owned device. Well we would like you to think of us as your extended family where MyMobileZA is the techie of the family. As your extended family, we want you to understand how OpenBox works…

A device is traded in, and assessed by our technicians
Once it has been assessed, it goes through for grading where only A grade and A+ grade stock gets approved. It’s harsh but how else can we give you the best products?
Once its graded, it will run through a second assessment whereby the device will be tested again by a trained technician
But we don’t stop there with testing the device. We run it though our own state-of-the-art diagnostic tool. Did we mention that this is a world-class tool?
Once we are happy with the results against the high standards we set, it gets packed into MyMobileZA’s very own branded box.
Then of course the device is ready for a new home, and another new journey!

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