Vodacom Uncapped Link Africa (UP=10Mb | DOWN=10Mb)

Provider: Vodacom

InfrastructureLink Africa

Price Per Month: R509

Duration: 1 Month, 12 Months, 24 Months

Installation Cost:

Deal Info:

  • Month-to-month – Free service activation
  • 12 months – Free service activation
  • 24 Months – Free service activation

Fibre is the latest and greatest in fixed-line connectivity. It uses fibre-optic cables, making it very fast, more stable and super reliable. And because it doesn’t use traditional copper cable, it’s also theft and waterproof.

Benefits of fibre:

  • Load webpages within split-seconds
  • No lag or buffering when streaming content
  • Make Voice-over-IP(VOIP) calls and save on costs

Package Type: Uncapped

Fibre Data: Uncapped

Speed Up: 10 Mb

Speed Down: 10 Mb

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