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Often, when shopping for items you or your family want or need, you wonder if you should buy open box items. Is there a catch? Are they defective in some way? Are they really worth the money? And what is an open box item exactly?

Suppose a customer returns a recently purchased item, whatever the reason. If it’s in good condition, they receive a refund without having to send it back to the manufacturer. The item is then re-boxed by the retailer and resold at a discount.

Is this true of all products labelled open box items, though? Let’s find out.

What Is an Open Box Item, Broadly Speaking?

The definition above is derived from multiple sources, and we believe it to be sound. However, buyers should not be naïve to the notion that some retail companies might cheat a little.

That is to say, these businesses might, for example, label refurbished products as “open box” items. Doing this is both deceptive and untrue. Yes, “refurbs” can save you money, but they are second-hand goods, nonetheless.

Where Can You Buy Open Box Items?

Many large retailers offer open box goods at a small discount. It’s often the case with electronics retailers like us. Online giants like Amazon.com are well-known for selling open box items.

Anything someone has returned due to damaga or a defect should not be sold as an open box item, though. Instead, It should be shipped back to the manufacturer. Be careful what you buy and ask about returns, no matter what.

Of course, there are some products you can’t buy as open box items at all. For instance, these would include perishable, consumable or disposable products and certain clothing (e.g., intimate apparel).

Should You Buy Open Box Items Online?

Our online mobile electronics store makes a clear distinction between open box items and refurbs—the latter coming with a more significant discount than the former. But not all online businesses are the same.

Some e-commerce businesses might exclude essential details on an item’s history. So we advise checking online reviews, policies and other information regarding online retailers where you’re considering doing business.

Is There a Warranty on Open Box Items?

When purchasing a new open box item, you should always ask if it comes with the standard manufacturer’s warranty and any additional warranty options offered by the store. Some do not.

Down the road, you might discover that your new open box item is not worth what you paid, and you didn’t check whether there was a warranty. Unfortunately, since you either didn’t read the policy stating this or took a gamble, you’re out of luck.

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Understanding what is an open box item per the strict definition as opposed to something entirely different can be tricky. Everyone loves a bargain, right? So, why not pass on some inferior goods by labelling them “open box” items?

Whether they’re aware of it or not, consumers have some tough decisions regarding open box items. They also need to research the product they want and its seller and their policies (overt and hidden).

My Mobile ZA offers several refurbs and open box items. If you find our discounts appealing, check out our policies. If they’re acceptable, why not give our products a try?

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