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So, you’ve seen refurbished products in our store and you’re amazed at how much money you could save. Aren’t you a smart shopper! Well, it’s just our amazing MyMobileZA deals which you will soon come to expect from us.

Still unsure? Curious to know exactly what a refurb device is?

Well, we would love to answer this for you. To keep it short and sweet, to ‘refurb’ a device is to repair it to a “like new” state. That’s goes for everything – no matter how small it may be. All of our refurbished devices are meticulously tested up to 4 times by trained technicians to deliver a near-flawless product. In addition to this intensive testing, we also do a final diagnostic test with our state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you get the best possible product.


Cost efficient

Are you still using a 5 when the 8 is now out? Keeping up-to-date with the latest tech trends can get very expensive…but not anymore! Save money and boost your swag by buying a refurbished phone at a fraction of the cost of a new phone. Now you’re styling!

14-day money back guarantee

With a 14-day money back guarantee you will have complete peace of mind in purchasing your refurbished device. The only catch is, the device needs to be returned with all its accessories and of course be in its original condition. But I’m sure you will agree – that’s pretty fair.

Fully Tested

Making sure we give you the best quality refurbished phone is something we really pride ourselves on. With world-class diagnostic software and several QC processes, we always ensure you get the best refurbished device available.

Great Quality

Great quality is of utmost importance to MyMobileZA, so we ensure that the device is as good as it was when first unboxed.

Environment friendly

Keeping green – if all the other great reasons why buying a refurbished phone didn’t catch you.

Full 12 Month warranty

We are proud and confident in our range of refurbished devices and we want you to be too. Over and above the 14-day money back guarantee, we offer an amazing 12-Month full warranty on all our refurbished devices. How’s that for peace of mind?