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With the president just recently having addressed the nation and urged us all to do what we know, i.e. wear a cloth mask, sanitize our hands, social distance and most importantly, avoid large gatherings, my question is, are you ready for a retail or online Black Friday experience?

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned many of our social norms upside down and accelerated emerging trends. We have heard and lived the experience for the past 8 months.  With intensifying weaknesses already evident in retail, Black Friday shopping will be unlike any other we have experienced before.

Do you really want to camp out or stand in lines for hours on end waiting for a store to open? Are you ready for your temperature to be taken and to sanitize your hands unsure of how long the process might take? What is the risk if only a limited quantity of your Wishlist purchase is available in store?

By staying home, you can cosy up on your couch with your favourite beverage and simply click “Buy” when it’s time. No need to rush out to the stores, only to lose out on the phone you wanted because of the Covid-19 measures that need to be followed.

The fear this year is for the security guards and retail workers being shoved and pushed out of the way once the shutters are lifted. The hope is that more people will choose to do all their shopping online rather than risk the malls and the possibility of a COVID-19 infection.   

Stay safe and shop online, avoid crowded areas and long lines in stores.

Security Tips For Your Online Shopping Experience

  • Refrain from using public Wi-Fi or use a VPN to avoid hackers intercepting your information.
  • Check a webpage’s security by looking for the lock icon in the URL field and making sure the URL starts with “https”, not just “http.” The “s” means the site is safer and more secure.

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